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BOSS Movie Review

Cast : Akshay Kumar,Aditi rao Hydari, Mithun Chakraborthy, Ronit Roy and Others.

Director : Anthony Dsouza

Language : Hindi

Genre : Comedy, Action

Release date : 16th october 2013

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : Honey Singh, Sandeep Shirodhkar and Meet Bros.

Bottom Line : old wine in new bottle.

Plot : Surya AKA Boss (Akshay Kumar) is the son of satyakanth shastri( Mithun Chakraborthy). He is a contract gangster and the right of tauji AKA Bigboss ( Danny Dezongpa) in haryana. During in his teenage, his father unknowingly kills a boy. Surya takes that blame and go to jail. Satyakanth is eventually estranged him because he believe that boy is killed by boss.Shiv (shiv pandit) is little brother of boss,He is in love with Ankita ( Aditi rao Hydari) who is the sister of bad cop, Ayushmann Thakur (Ronit Roy). Ayushman wants to make his sister marriage with a son of union minister for his promotion, He hassles shiv by charging false cases against him. Satyakanth make a contract with boss to get his little son out of jail. Atlast, satyakanth come to know truth about that boy’s murder. How boss deals with the issues is crux of the story.

Anthony Dsouza’s below par direction,is one of the minus points of this film. There is no love interest for akshay.Ambitab bachchan has given voic over to this film.Akshay has done his bit.His introduction fight scene might be inspired from telugu movie “Happy”. Farhad -Sajid penned cheesy dialogues are good. Aditi rao has a minimal role. Mithun chakraborthy suits well as a retired school teacher. Shiv pandit has done a good job Ronit roy’s performance as a villian is not bad. Cinematography is nkt upto the mark.Music doesn’t fit well. Sandeep shirodhkar’s back ground music is good.Akshay kumar’s performance is the only saving grace of this film. However, akshay should try for versatile roles. Better skip to watch this routine flick.

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