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Brother of Bommali

Cast : Allari Naresh, Karthia Nair, Monal Gajjar, Harshavardhan Rane, Brahmanandam and Others.

Directed by : B : Chinni Krishna.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Comedy.

Release Date : 7th November 2014.

Rating : 3/5.

Music :  Sekhar Chandra.

Bottom Line :  This bommali will make you Guffaw.

Plot : Ramakrishna AKA Ramki ( Allari Naresh ) and Lucky ( Karthika Nair ) are twins. Ramki is a wimp but his twin sister is quite contrary to him. Ramki tries to woo his colleague Shruthi (Monal Gajjar) but she misunderstand him. One day shruthi understands Ramki’s love. When he asks the consent of his parents for marriage with shruthi, They put a condition that he shall not get married untill his sister marries someone else. Lucky reveals that she falls in love with an IAS officer, Harsha ( Harshavardhan Rane ). In the mean time Ramki comes to know that Harsha is going to marry a factionist daughter. What Ramki will do? How will he perform his sister marriage? Forms the crux of the story.

Brother of bommali has a good story which deals with the twins rapport. B Chinni krishna’s narrative style is absolutely good. This movie has ample comic quotient to chuckle the viewers. The first half is quite refreshing,but the latter half is hackneyed. Editing is good. Chinni Krishna has written some good dialogues. Cinematography is okay. Music scored by Sekhar chandra is passable. Production values are decent.

Allari Naresh is struggling to bag a hit at the box office in recent times. Finally, He bag a hit with ‘Brother of bommali’. Naresh nailed the lead role with his comic timing. Karthika Nair has done a superb job as twin sister to the protagonist. Monal Gajjar has done a fabulous job. Harshavardhan rane’s performance is okay. Brahmanandam has supported very well. The supporting cast have done a fair job.

This bommali will make you guffaw. Watch this one along with your friends and family.

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