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Bunny is going to work with Veerabhadram

Veeerabhadram has secured two hits in Tollywood (Aha Na Pellanta & Poola Rangadu), And now he is working with King Nagarjuna to get hat trick in his credits list. Film nagar sources are saying that he is going to direct Bunny in his next project, Veerabhadram has prepared one story and got approved from Allu Arjun it seams.

As of now Veerabahdram is busy with ‘BHAI’ and Bunny is busy with ‘RACE GURRAM’, Once both of these projects were finished they will be working together for the new film. Who is going to produce this project and who is playing the female lead roles is yet to be announced.

Most of them say it was a rumor, At this point of time we can’t say anything what is correct or wrong. If the above said combination works out, then it will be good combination to get once more action entertainer….Stay tuned for the updates.

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