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Captain America civil war review – One of the best Super hero action movie ever

Captain America Civil War Review - One Of The Best Super Hero Action Movie Ever

Directed by Russo brothers
Produced by Marvel
Starring Chris Evans ,Robert Downey Jr,Scarlett Johansson ,Sebastian Stan,Anthony Mackie,Tom Holland
Music by Henry jackamn
Cinematography Trent


The plot starts after the avengers ultron events and for the whole destruction all countries want to have a signed deal that superheroes should take missions only after government approvals and for this Captain America is againist it and Iron man favours it.So after a massive event caused by winter soldier avengers are divided and fight with other for their own beliefs

 (No spoilers) Civil war  film Analysis –

If you disappointed with Avengers Age of ultron then don’t worry this movie summed up very well.The opening sequence involving captain America and cross bones fight is amazing and they introduced most of character’s in this fight itself.Black panther is great in his costume and high way fight sequence is one of the best fight sequence. The best thing about the movie is characterizations and why they are choosing TeamCap or TeamIronman they established very good .Spideraman got small role but his fighting ability was used fully and humor he brought to the fight is great.The airport fight is one of the best in marvel universe .Ironman character is vastly improved and emotional side of his character in climax fight is handled brilliantly.Movie not as funnier as Avengers but it has it movements.Antman and Spiderman has great humor lines and they played their charecters brilliantly.Movie has a serious tone afrom start to finish and russo brothers handeled very well

  • Action scenes. Russo brothers has a great style in executing  action scenes.previous mavel movies are heavily inspired by CGI but in this movie the fights are close to as real as possible.
  • The way they executed Airport fight sequence itself shows mastery in direction
  • Spiderman and Ant man are great to watch and their humor is greatest plus to the movie
  • Captain America and winter soldier friendship is handled and their scenes are nice to see
  • black panther introduction and his fighting style is executed brilliantly especially in highway chase
  • conflict of captain America with Ironman handled brilliantly and you can see the emotional struggle
  • Femnal charecters are well written and they have their moments on screen
  • Climax fight did with an  emotional point of view of Ironman and you can feel the pain of tony stark in that fight
  • CGI is fantastic you never notices and 3d is ok with out overboarding
  • Performances are great .Everybody shined in their roles


  • Although villain is good some times his scenes felt unnecessary
  • Editing in The first half of the movie should have been handled little better
  • BGM in some scenes are just ok ,in key scenes required music is missing


Finally marvel did it again but this time it is so great that you will feel completely fulfilled with this movie.You got great spiderman,funny Antman,responsible ironman,great friend Captain America,highly skilled blackwidow,scarlet witch,falcon,wintersoldier,vision,war machine and Hawk eye.Seeing these characters on screen coming to life by fantastically directed by russo brothers Captain America civil war is a triumph in comic super hero movies.Go and watch this movie,if you are not watching on thetres you are missing greatest event of movie history

Civil war film  Review: One of the best Super hero action movie ever

CB Rating : 4.5/5


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