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Cast : Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad abdirahman, Faysal Ahmed and Others

Directed by : Paul greengrass

Language : English

Genre : Action Drama

Release date : 16th october 2013

Rating : 3.3/5

Music : Henry Jackman

Bottom Line : Tom hanks has shown his prowess again.

Plot : Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks) is a captain.He is on his way to take an enormous cargo ship(Maersk Albama) from oman along somalin coast then to kenya.He orders his crew members to tighten up the security owing to wary of pirate attacks. Meanwhile, on the sea shores of somalia,some african rifle- toting guys recruiting young blokes to hijack the ship to earn money. They go down to the sea in two skiffs to hijack a ship. Captain Phillips noticies that some pirates are bearing down on his ship. There are no arms in the ship. The only way to intercept them to aboard ship, is by attacking with big water hoses.But pirates have succesfully aboard by hooking ladder to the ship’s side. Phillips has offered $30,000 but they turned down the deal. Their leader, muse called up all the crew, but they are hide in engine room. The crew members ambushed muse in engine room. They eventually make a deal with Pirates. But Pirates violates the deal and take captain phillips with them away in a life boat.At the same time, US navy vessel is moving in to rescue the captain phillips. US navy able to rescue to captain phillips?,is crux of the story.

Paul greengrass deserves kudos for his outstanding direction.His story narrating is also damn good. Tom Hanks has shown his acting skills once again. Especially, in the climax he expressed his anguish very well.Indeed, He has done a phenomenal job. Cinematography is just great.Henry jackman’s Back ground score pumped up the scenes. It brings soul to the film. When it comes to story, it is a short story, but director has executed in a fantastic way. This is one of the most intense thrilling movies in the last decade. Go and watch this. Don’t miss it.

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