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Cinematography – what are filters


Filters are big part of cinematography .A filter used before lenses to distort image.You are mid day of the shoot and want to film a scene like sunrise then filters can be used for that. In video always image noise will be there and filters can be great option to reduce noise and improve clarity Filters can be used as …

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what is plot,story and structure in script writing


One of best filmmaking article on plot strucuture by filmtechniques http://filmtechniques.blogspot.in/2007/08/plot-story-narration.html In narrative, a plot or storyline is the rendering and ordering of the events and actions of a story, particularly towards the achievement of some particular artistic or emotional effect. A plot is “the arrangement of incidents” that (ideally) each follow plausibly from the other. The plot is like …

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Cinematography – Gravity cinematographer chivo articles


reading articles and watching interviews is a good start on chivo This a ebook where you ahve to install app and can read it The Real Emmanuel Lubezki – 66 Things You Did Not Know Read below articles edited by Benjamin B 6 Things Lubezki’s Cinematography Can Teach You – Jamuura Blog

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Filmmaking – Difference between novel,script writing and directing


Novel writing It is free writing where writer can put their thoughts into words .Novels won’t have specific rules to follow so it is much more creative compared to all other writings Screenplay writing It is more visual writing compared to Novel writing as screenwriter has to give some specifics like location,charterer name ,transitions etc.A screenplay will have 90–120 pages …

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screenwriting – Syd field recommeded movies on screenplay writing


Sydfield talks many films in his book .I read this book around 5 years ago so I remembering these films Sea biscuit – The spirit of going ahead in spite of failing He discussed the screenplay and thought process behind it and compared to great depression .The script not only says the story of Horse but it is a symbolism …

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One of best article on film equipment


Read this amazing article from learn about film Equipment for low budget filmmaking What do you need ? All you need to get started is a camera and a few accessories, a tripod, a microphone and a computer with an editing program. If you want to keep it even simpler, you can film and edit on an iPhone or iPad. Don’t spend too much on gear …

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Filmmaking – Entire process in one article


yes Normally they have their own team like Assistant directors,personal manager and script writers etc. Independent film directors may have small number of friends helping him Till they get producer they will work on script and pre production stage.Once they get producer then normally it will be collaboration between writing,direction and production team for pre production. Pre production is a …

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How to read analyze or understand a dilm


First is common sense .If you are in a view to to read and compare to real world then it will fail.You will be nitpicking everything and you will disconnect with film. if you are seeing scifi then human brain will automatically tune to certail level of liberty and if you are going to see real biography dramas then human …

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