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The directors round table 2016 – Ridely scott,tarantino,alexandro discusses their Oscar films video

Really excellent video.These big directors discussed many things. They talked about what excites them most in the movies. *Everybody agreed that music is the biggest emotion can be experienced and their favorites scenes are scenes with songs *Danny boyle discussed about his Jaiho song sequence *TVs are overtaking cinemas,audience only go to theater when big spectaculars coming that’s why Hollywood making …

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best filmmaking post- 10 free Apps usefull in Filmdirection

Article source is from premiumbest website 1. Cinema Forms Cinema forms is designed to help you go paperless on-set. The app has a number of commonly used filmmaking forms that can be saved on the device, so you can focus on the film, not keeping up with papers. This app is only available for iPad, but if you are looking …

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Christopher Nolan interviews Quentin Tarantino Q&A video

Christopher Nolan interviews Quient Tarantino Q&A video.Nolan is fampus for his batman trilogy ,interstellar ,inception while Tarantiono is for pulpfiction,Django unchained,kill bill series.Both are extreme talented directors with freat writing skills and always tried with different technicalogies 1.Tarantino discussed how he handles editing.he loves long sequences instead of quick shots 2.Suspense should work otherwise it will be boring 3.Tarantino said he is …

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Hollywood Film writers discuses their techniques 5 min video

These Hollywood writers giving nice techniques on how to write good screenplay  

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The Truth About Filmmaking Excellent Video

Filmmaking truyh-Excellent video on struggles of filmmaking The Truth About Filmmaking    

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