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These movies are not all time but having depressing moments or stories Never Let me Go Really hard hitting climax and Andrew garfield did terrific acting in this sad drama 500 Days of the Summer – Love is painful This movie starts with joy ,love and emotions but as movie processes we will understand that it is not a sugar …

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Vangaveeti actor Sandy talked about movie ,RGV and tollywood


    1.One of most interesting interview of Sandeep -the actor of vangaveeti movie 2.He is very downto earth and he is very frank guy 3.Talked about how Ranga followers are very happy when they see him in Ranga getup 4.he read many articles on Ranga and Radha 5.Talked about how each character is real to the getup wise and …

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Cinematography – is Really film directors need knowledge of cinematography


its not required as many directors hire good cinematographers and convey their vision to DPs. Example is woodey Allen who is not a technical expert but got basic knowledge to convey his vision.Anyway after some movie experience you will automatically get basic expertise in technical filed .Tree of life director terrance malick just give instructions and cinematographer chivo creates the …

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special story 2016 – greatest technical achievements in cinema in 2016


Compared to 2015 – REVENANT used long takes,real conditions and natural light to shoot the film is a great achievement .Not to mention about mad max 1000s of action stunt choreographers worked for the film .the 3rd act of whiplash editing,music and emotions is a great technical filmmaking Now for 2016 I am not seeing that much breathtaking filmmaking this …

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best sound cloud audio blogs for story writers


Article is from makeuseof url – http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/compelling-storytelling-podcasts-soundcloud/ SoundCloud is well-known as a place where both established hit-makers and up-and-comers can post new music. And, while SoundCloud is a great site for music lovers, it has just as much to offer when you’re not in the mood to listen to music.Hate Music? Spotify Still Has You Covered Hate Music? Spotify Still Has …

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Why Christopher nolan is great article


The man The Myth the legend 1.Technology achievements Inception gravity sequence Nolan always inventing new menthol in film making .Example is Inception hallway fight sequence Instead of CGI they created whole set and actors tied to ropes for the required output Dark knight Rises plane crash They placed this aircraft model on the ground and filmed the fight sequence ,late …

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How to write villain character efficiently advice


I am giving my view and what works for me. I will start with villain scenes as a complete lunatic or dangerous I never reveal his story in start of script or novel itself I will reveal his story later point in script A good villain is one not a complete lunatic but he must have some motivation In his …

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Filmmaking Q&A – Answers and advice


Should the film editor have music knowledge to edit a film? Editing is different with Sound editing .Although they share same process both crafts are slightly different but overall film editor need to take care of all other processes like sound editing,mixing etc ,so overall in depth of Sound editing is not required but he should have overall idea of …

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Filmmaking- What are props and their use in films


Prop is nothing but an object used with respect to story in films like gun,sunglasses,chairs etc. You can say non living actors in a movie are props . putting objects randomly in a scene is bad directing A director should analyse why a particular prop is used,in what camera angle it should be in ,is prop is directly related to …

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