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The real villain of Mahabharata


There are no villains in form in Mahabharata . Good people did bad things and bad people did good things . The real villain is Adharma Mahabhara happened because god wanted to.God wanted to say the ultimate truth to all humans while many saints unable to grasp so lord himself said the truth as song of god (bhagavadGeeta)

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Best motivational pictures


Nobody rises to low expectations yes if you don’t have any expectations and want life to give you chance then you have toa ccept a medicore life Do it now sometimes later becomes novel yes if you hoping life/luck will come and you have to wait for perfect day then you are in fantasy Your future is created what you …

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best audience survived movies for fun


On contraory to everyone opinion I am giving best audience survived movies for fun Hollywood After earth movie No dude the fear is there in theteres where this movie is played Green lantern movie If you want to take revenge on your Ex then send the DVD of this movie,you wont be disappointed Batman and Robin A movie unintentionally spoof …

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5 most difficult and exciting movies you need to watch


1.memento The screenplay is so awesome that it requires multiple watching of the movie The big short Finally The big short is smartly written ,there is lots of humor and people should watch it because they will know the value of money,savings and they will get an idea how these banks.financial firms,housing firms will lure customers and how people are …

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Hollywood special – Movies sceens which are most emotional


I am not giving  classics or best but these scenes where I felt pretty emotional the fall – really very good artistic movie Film shot in 17 historical places with a beautiful cinematography and breathtaking visual style with good screenplay.Fall movie starts with a hospitalized movie stuntMan Roy walker telling a story of a bandit and his adventures to a …

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Tollywood Analysis – is baahubali movie overrated


why we are arguing this instead we have to celebrate that a regional movie got noticed worldwide some of criticism on film War sequences are lifted from hollywood movies No any war sequnces will have basic sequnces like arrows coming,formation of lines and slow motion sword fights.See ben hur stadium is also like gladitor .So gladiator is also copied from …

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Raees movie and Netflex series Narcos similarities


  raess nawaz siddiqui Narcos Yes .Many has pointed that it is a real life story based on a don in India .Yes thats correct but most of drug dealers or smugglers have same story .Take veerappan story .He also started small,killed his opponents brutally,used many innovative ideas to smuggle,at last killed by police squade After finishing Narcos my first …

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