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Short Film Reviews

Campus Selection Telugu short film review – 3/5


it about ? A guy sees a girl at a campus interview and how he finds her after that and how his love story will move you have to watch the film Before the Camera Lead actor did good and comic timimg is nice ,he is remainded me like Tamil star Dhanush in some scenes,All other cast are done nice …

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Chasini -Stop Acid attacks Animated short film review 3.5/5


What it about? This short film is a animated one showing the feeling of a woman who  was a victim of Acid attacks.A nice and short video with a voice over Whats good? Ofcource it is a message saying that support these victims in whatever way you can because they suffer and feel left out by the society.Animation is good …

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Dev Katta’s Dying to be me Short film is excellent


Whats it about ? There is  no storyline but it is a fact based on working women are becoming house wives and they are losing their freedom of speech by over controlling husbands.It is a 3 min short film but Deve kata narrated it in a hard hitting way. Whats good? This short film should be wake up call for men …

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The God Must Be Crazy Telugu short film review -3.75/5


  Whats it about ? A guy comes to an interview and there will be a discussion between God and Human values .What happens you have to watch the film Before the Camera Lead cast is good and nobody puts that many close ups on actors unless they are very talented So both actors did an excellent job especially the …

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The Rush short film review – 3.5/5


Watch the Short film Rush here Before the Camera Only two characters are there in the film and action is extremely good,perfect expressions with subtle emotions Behind the Camera As usual Rocketjump team again delivered a good short film and they are competing with big budgeted Hollywood movies interms of quality.Watch all animals VFX at last.Those shots are extremely good.i …

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The GunFighter short film review -3.75/5


What is it about? A Gunfighter walks into a bar and suddenly everyone in the bar starts a verbal fight with each other.At last the verbal fight reaches to a shootout.This movie is a spoof on cowboy films how cowboy films have more dialogues before start of a fight,unnecessary jokes,and a overglorifying narration. Before the Camera Every one in the …

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Selfie Award winning shoert film review -3.75/5


What is it about? Film revolves around a guy and how he faces different situations in society.Film shows as society will always has some preconceptions about everyone.We judge people very fast by looking at them.But how will you take these pre beliefs about you in a positive way or negative way, can  change the entire situation. Before the Camera Only …

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Abhinandana Short film review -3.25/5


Whats it about? This is a story about a guy Abhi and a girl Nandana love  story.Watch the movie to find out how the story goes Before the Camera Main actor emoted well in all scenes.Girl did ok.All other supporting cast did their jobs well.Locations are good.Story is a bit average. Behind the Camera Cinematography is too good .First 10 mins …

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Love Delivery Boy Short film review – 3/5


  Whats it is  about ? A gut writes love letters for others and delivers love .Watch the movie to find out whats it all about Before the camera Actors did their job fine and camera work superb.Simple locations but looked good on screen Behind the Camera Screenplay is good for a short film and dialoges are good but someplaces …

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PK2 Short film review -3.5/5


PK2 Short film Whats it about? Title itself says it is a spoof on PK movie.Watch video to find out. Before the Camera Actor who imitated Amir did exactly like him,His expressions are also good.All supporting cast is good and locations are ok. Behind the Camera Direction is good,Camera work is nice and dialogues are funny. Analysis Brilliant spoof film …

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