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Week end special story – Fight club 1999 move analysis


Fight club is a all time classic because of various reasons.because either a movie can be philosophical or inspirational but Fight club managed to do philosophical and inspirational at a time Narrator is so depressed with life that he creates his own alternative version of himself and the twist ending is phenomenal Brad pitt and edward nortan lived in their …

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Weekend special story – Top 5 films by Christopher nolan


The best thing about Nolan movies is quality,story telling and dialogues 1.Dark knight Dark knight is one of best super hero movie not only in terms of performances ,technical brilliance but in terms of exploring characters psychology.We got one of best villain performance in history of movies. The cinematography is top notch instead of colorful a neo noir type cinematography …

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World politics special – Donald Trump and His chances of Presidency


I am following US elections from a year ,read blogs political books ,individual forums ,individual videos,researched about conspiracy theories ,so I will give my view based on info I had.You may or disagree but I am giving my points here Indians are really paranoid of Donald trump .Not only Indians but US citizens also worried about him First he is …

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World politics special – Syria and truth about civil war


I am not a political expert but i will give you unbiased view on this matter As per my limited knowledge by reading different blogs ,opinions of Syrian people in various forums,watching different documentaries I am giving view here why US attacking in Syria in first place.Assad is there a president for 10 years and people actually loved him.father of …

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Thrillers special -Mind twisting movies


These are some of movies and will update on your feedback Memento Do I need to tell about this movie?the reverse screenplay is absolute brilliant and the screen cuts ,transitions,timelines merge everything is brilliant Predestination Predestination is a movie about a an agent going back to past with time travel to stop a serial bomber.Every time he goes back to …

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Weekend special story – Movies with big twist endings


I will give some of movies here and there are many movies,So will update movies based on feedback 1.Fight club One of most complex movie ever written and the twist will shock you.Thought provoking dialogues with bard pitt charisma Fight club is a must watch for its sheer thrilling cinematic brilliance 2.The others One of good movie in Horror genre …

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Philosophy special – Jiddu KrishnaMurti whose thinking is times ahead


Jiddu KrishnaMurti is ahead of his time and widely know in Asian region .Even greatest philosophers are not able to decipher his philosophy.if you read his articles whatever he said most of those thoughts are still relevant to present society His philosophy won’t have any particular conclusions but he will present overall picture and reader has to take conclusions from …

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