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Hollywood special – Movies sceens which are most emotional


I am not giving  classics or best but these scenes where I felt pretty emotional the fall – really very good artistic movie Film shot in 17 historical places with a beautiful cinematography and breathtaking visual style with good screenplay.Fall movie starts with a hospitalized movie stuntMan Roy walker telling a story of a bandit and his adventures to a …

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Tollywood Analysis – is baahubali movie overrated


why we are arguing this instead we have to celebrate that a regional movie got noticed worldwide some of criticism on film War sequences are lifted from hollywood movies No any war sequnces will have basic sequnces like arrows coming,formation of lines and slow motion sword fights.See ben hur stadium is also like gladitor .So gladiator is also copied from …

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Raees movie and Netflex series Narcos similarities


  raess nawaz siddiqui Narcos Yes .Many has pointed that it is a real life story based on a don in India .Yes thats correct but most of drug dealers or smugglers have same story .Take veerappan story .He also started small,killed his opponents brutally,used many innovative ideas to smuggle,at last killed by police squade After finishing Narcos my first …

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batman best quotes


Most of dialogues from Nolan trilogy are brilliant Never judge a person by seeing him but judge by things he is doing The final Monologue of the film is best not only in batman series but it is one of the best in movies history but this quotes takes first place.I don’t know the source but the depth of quote …

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Movies list which are taking place in aeroplanes


1.Nonstop a well dome thriller.Not best of Liam neeson bur it is pretty good with the suspense 2.Air force one harrison ford and as president and air force one 3.Flight A drama and a charecter study of an alcoholica addicted pilot 4.Aeroplane comedy calssic.Try this movie it will give you laughts 5.Top Gun Its got mixed reviews but it got …

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Eddie the eagle – one of the best inspirational movie with very nice humor


 recently released movie imdb description – The story of Eddie Edwards, the notoriously tenacious British underdog ski jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics movie based on real life ski jumper and how he achieved his dream inspite of his shotcomings Taron did terrific job with his innocent acting.He is hero in kingsmen and it seems he …

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30 less popular movies bur really great movies you should watch


These  movies here are less popular but really good movies 1.Collateral One word extraordinary .See intensity in his eyes in the photo.Every scene he is in the movie completely rocked.Many film audience won’t consider tom cruise as one of the best actor but I think his star power always overshadows his performance but in the movie we only see vincent. …

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