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Dark knight bank robbery scene analysis


Dark knight is my first batman movie and I didn’t read any comics.i got idea on only batman charecter so I went to this movie assuming another comic book with for children The first shot itself I am drawn into the movie with great Hnaszimmer soundtrack we wil see first entrance of Joker with his mask Ther scene is brilliant …

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Batman actor Christian bale oscar nominations analysis


First he already won for his role in The fighter.Academy won’t give easily oscars even leonardo decaprio waited for many years and his every nomination is a ground breaking performance Coming to the bale he did terrific movies but many are not worth Oscar wins.His performance in Americ hustle is great but other nominations are so strong .Mathew for Dallas …

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Nicholas cage career and films analysis


its better to call him actor who did pretty bad movies.i think he is a versatile actor and can pull off complex roles if he get a good director.Some of the films where he did terrfic job Face off A different concept well executed.Nicholas cage did terrific job with his villain antics and equally a good performance as a family …

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Films analysis of lezends Christopher Nolan and Steven speilberg

Spielberg-collage-of-films (1)

Steven Spielberg movies may not contain Nolan type of brain twisting stories but he is much more superior director than Nolan considering his filmography.i am a big Nolan fan but still Nolan to attempt many genres . Dunkirk success is very important for Nolan to secure a place in all time great directors where as Steven speilberg reached that position …

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Movies special list -nice Films for Intelligence audience


I already answered similar question and giving same answer here with added movies.Intillegence can be a philosophical or scientific or emotional .So some movies may be different to your opinion but give a try these movies Drive The number of analysis made on his character of drive itself shows what a deep mysterious classic it is.Normally gosling plays a chatter …

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Action specail story – John wick and come back of Action movies


This type of action filmmaking that led a great momentum going in 90s and occasionally in 2000s with films like heat,man on fire,point break etc . After 2010 mainly comic book movies are termed as action movies .Transformers,super hero movies,gigantic cgi action filled movies overtaken film Industry and the thrill of simple action with out CGI lost in all this …

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Marvel super hero movies success analysis


I think the model they adopted is brilliant by dividing movies in phases with clear cut idea for 10 years They learnt from their mistakes Choosing good directors especially giving new directors a chance but keeping them in check by a head person who wlll have a complete control like Kevin feige The characters are built from each movie although …

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Weekend special story – Movies requires use your mind thinking


Clever movies – I am giving movies requires a good thinking Predestination Predestination is a movie about a an agent going back to past with time travel to stop a serial bomber.Every time he goes back to the past and will change some events but still outcome will be the same. The main theme of the message you can understand …

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Movie special – Tomcruise Film and career Analysis


He balanced his career very much compared to any star. In 1990’s and early 20’s he is one of biggest super star with out associated with any super hero franchise .Only MI series is he associated continuously and all other films are action or dramas and still he got great boxoffice results.he did many dramas and nominated for 3 times …

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