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Danny Boyles’s Steve Jobs teaser


Watch Steve jobs trailer here.Trailer is good and very emotional and actor who played Steve jobs portrayed his character good.Film is directed by Danny Boyle who also directed Slum dog Millionaire ,127 hours,28 days.Lets hope film will be successful  

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Pixesl official trailer


Watch pixels official trailer here.Concept is like aliens attacking earth as video games characters.Trailer is fun and visually striking.Trailer end is good with a nice humor

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Batkid Begins a real story trailer


We often here stories like stars meeting their ┬ádiseased fans for fulfilling their wishes .In Telugu industry Charan,Pawankalyan,NTR meet their fans and fulfilled their wishes. Batkid begins is also same story but in bigger canvas.A diseased kid wants to be batman and wants to save the city and people helped ┬áthe kid dreams come true.Hollywood make it as a documentary …

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Singham 123 trailer

sampoornesh babu in singham 123  stills 2

Singham 123 trailer is smashing with its funny spoof dialogues and Burning Star’s sampoornesh’s antics are big plus of the trailer.Neeku mental ravalemo naku 365 days on lo vuntaaadi ,meeru pressure peditey longipodaniki presure cooker lo pappu ni kaadu,gas stove meeda nippuni I will show them hell dialogues are good.

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Surya’s Rakshashudu trailer


Watch interestind Rakshashudu trailer.As Venkat Prabhu’s earlier film Mankatha this film is also stylish and Surya uttering This is my f***** game which is Ajith’s dialogue is interesting to hear.Surya playing two roles One is sincere cop role and another one is Tapori charecter.But end of trailer it seems it is a combination of mass action with horror comedy.Lets see …

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