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CBI names Narendra Modi in Ishrat charge sheet

In perhaps desperate move to stall him the CBI has charge sheeted BJP stalwart and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as an accused in the alleged fake and staged encounter shooting of 19-year-old college student Ishrat Jahan and three others.

The charge sheet filed this week by the CBI quoted a Gujarat police officer named DH Goswami that two days before the encounter the DG Vanzara and the Deputy Commissioner of Police, were discussing the plans to kill Ishrat and the others, and that Vanzara had said that he had “got approval from the Chief Minister and the Minister of Home.”

The statement has been filed among the annexures in the document filed along with the charge sheet. Goswami’s statement has been made in the presence of a magistrate. Vanzara, who is in jail, is among the seven policemen accused of murder and destruction of evidence by the CBI.

Modi has emerged as the PM hopeful of BJP and also its campaign manager for 2014 to oppose and foil Rahul Gandhi’s elevations.

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