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Censor Reports on Yevadu and 1 Nenokkadine

According to censor board report on star films Yevadu and 1Nenokkadine.

Yevadu : Ram charan has given best. Allu Arjun made a nice cameo appearence. Heroines haven’t got much scope to prove their mettle. Sai kumar peformance is excellent. Brahmi is just okay. 1st half is good. 2nd half is massy. All over it is going to be an above average movie. ” A” certificate

1 Nenokkadine : MaheshBabu did his best as a rockstar. Kiriti sanon’s performance is okay. Highly promoting six pack scene is not neatly done. Songs are misplaced. cinematography is top -notch. 1st half is good, 2nd half is not bad & climax is weak. ” U/A ” certificate.

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