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Chakkiligintha Movie Review

Chakkiligintha Movie Review

Cast : Sumanth Ashwin, Rehhana, Thagubothu ramesh and Others.

Directed by : Vema Reddy.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance comedy.

Release date : 5th December 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5.

Music : Mickey J Meyer.

Bottom Line : Love game between Boys and Girls.

Plot : Adi (Sumanth) considers himself to be a strong guy and advises his gang of friends to stay away from girls. So, here comes Avi (Rehana), whose mission is to make Adi realise his folly — that no one can afford to cold-shoulder girls. So, the rest of the story is about who wins the game and how they win it.

Director sukumar’s assistant Vema reddy has made his debut with chakkiligintha. This year is a promising year of debutant directors but not for vema reddy because Chakkiligintha has offered nothing new to the viewers. Visuals are great. Editing is just alright. Story itself is the big minus point for the film. Music scored by mickey j meyer is okay. Production values are nice.

Sumanth ashwin’s role is good and did it well. He has improved his acting prowess alot.Rehhana has done a superb job even though it is her debut movie. Thagubothu ramesh has offered a few laughs. The supporting cast are okay.

In this year the small movies have offered different stories to the telugu audience but Chakkiligintha has failed to do that. Better to watch this on a small screen.

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