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Chandamama lo amrutham

Cast : Srinivas Avasarla, Harish, Dhanya Balakrishnan, Ahuthi Prasad, Vasu Inturi, Sivanaryana and others.

Directed : Gunnam gangaraju

Language : Telugu

Genre : Comedy

Release date : 17th March 2014

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : Kalyan malik

BottomLine : Failer to emulate Tv series.

Plot : Amrutha Rao ( Srinivas Avasarla ) and Anjaneyalu ( Harish) are best friends since childhood. They run a hotel named Amrutha vilas and become successful business tycoons. They gets split up owing to a foolish conditon laid by amuratha rao’s father-in-law. A disaster makes them together again. In the mean time they heard about space tourism and fall in the trap of Appaji ( Shivanarayana) who is the old land lord, advises them to run a hotel on moon. They sell all their properties to go to space. What happened their forms the rest of the story.

Gunnam ganagaraju’ s Tv series Amrutham was a big hit. This time director penned the story for silver screen audience. His narration style is not bad. He tried his best to give entertainment to the audience but he lost grip in some key scenes. Editing is not bad. Cinematography is nice. kalyan malik composed music is nice. Production values are good.

Srinivas avsarla is good in his role but he failed to emulate his old counterpart ( harshavardhan and shivaji). Dhanya is okay in her small role. Harish is not bad. Sivanarayana and Ahuthi prasad tickled the funny bone of audience. The rest of the cast is okay.

However,Cinema has failed to emulate Tv series.

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