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Cast : Krishnam Raju, Sharath Kumar, Priyamani, Nagababu,Supreet and Others

Directed by : Samudra

Language : Telugu

Genre : Action

Release date : 8th November 2013

Rating : 1.75/5

Music : NR Shankar

Bottom Line : A clumpsy story

Plot : Chandi AKA Ganga ( Priyamani) is good at martial arts. She is brave at heart. She kills alot of political leaders and Goons. She is abetting by a guy named sehkar azad (Sharath kumar). The entire police department are clueless about the murders committed by chandi. They seek the help of CBI officer, SrimanNaryana (Nagababu). He is eventually findout the facts about chandi that she is from krishnapatnam, daughter of Ashok Gajapati raju ( Krishnam Raju). A minister (ashish vidhyarthi) destroys the family of chandi. Why minister kills her family? How she become chandi? How she avenge her family destruction? Are main parts of the film.

Analysis :

Director V samudra is completely failed to impress the audience with his short story. Screenplay is damn tedious. Cinematography is just okay. Back ground score is not bad. Dialogues are not suited for the protagonist.

Priyamani, who was trying to step into the shoes of yesteryear actress, vijayashanti, is not bad. This is not a suitable movie for her. Krishnam raju looks great as ashok gajapathi raju. He is justified his role. Sharat kumar is not bad. Posani has tried his best to give some chuckles to the audience. Rest of the cast are okay.The famous Gabbar singh’s anthakshari scene has not properly been executed.Harish shankar would have got heart stroke if he see the movie.

Stay away from this 140 mins torcher.

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