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Chandrakala Movie Review

Chandrakala Movie Review
Chandrakala Movie Review

Cast : Hansika Motwani, Andrea Jeremiah, Lakshmi rai, Sundar, Santhanam and Others.

Directed by : Sundar C.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Horror.

Release date : 19th December 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5.

Music : Bhardwaj.

Bottom Line :  Timepass film.

In recent times, Most of the horror genre films failed to scare the viewers. More over,They turned out as Comedy flicks. The much hyped Chandrakala is releasing today with an immense expectations owing to its tamil version,a big hit. Let’s check out whether this telugu version repeated the same result or not.

The film starts off in a village, Where a large family come down  native place to sell off their ancestral palace for good profits. Once they land in palace, ladies in the family start to experience eerie things.They finally realise that palace is possessed. Who haunted that palace and why? Forms the crux of the story.

Like all recent telugu horror films,Even Director Sundar C, failed to scare the viewers with this cliched plot. The story has offered nothing new to telugu viewers. Infact, it has the shades of blockbusters like ‘ChandraMukhi’ and ‘Kaanchana’. The first half is filled up with twists and turns. Once twist is revealed the film is  completely predictable in the latter half. Cinematography is Okay. Bhardwaj has scored decent background music. Production values are good.

Main lead in the film, Hansika Motwani is new to the role of village belle even though she did a fabulous job. Andrea Jeremiah has done a decent job. Lakshmi raai’s role is poorly written, she didn’t get much chance to prove her skills. Vinay rai has done a good job. Santhanam has failed to give chuckles to the audience. Rest of the cast are okay in their respective roles.

However, Chandrakala has completely failed to repeat the success of its tamil version. Watch it for timepass.

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