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Charmi stepping the shoes of Vijayashanthi

Charming Charmi captivated hearts of youth with her assets and smiling face. This sizzling beauty has acted almost with all heroes in the Industry. Now she is focusing mostly on Women oriented movies, this is the reason why she is appearing in guest roles or just for a song in a movie.

If we see her women oriented movie list we will have ‘Anukokunda Oka Roju’, ‘Mantra’, ‘Mangala’ and now ‘Preme oka Maikam’. In this ready to release movie she has played a role of Prostitute, and acted well in the skin shows. ‘Preme Oka Maikam’ flick was certified with ‘A’ certificate and almost every one is eagerly waiting to see that movie.

Charmi acting as a Journalist in another movie which was similar to Vijaya Santhi’s block buster hit ‘Prathighatana’. Even Charmi is saying that her role in that movie was a challenging character, and she is doing with much confidence. If we see the movie graph of Charmi she is just following like Vijaya Shanthi, what all can we tell to her …except take care of the career.

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