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Chirunavvula Chirujallu Movie Review

Rating : 2.5/5.

Cast : Jiiva, Trisha, Vinay, Santhanam, Nassar and others.

Directed by : I Ahmed.

Language : Telugu ( dub).

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama.

Release date : 13th March 2015.

Runtime : 152 mins.

Music : Harris Jairaj.

Bottom Line : An outdated flick.

Chirunavvula Chirujallu was supposed to hit the screens long time ago along with its original version. Owing to some financial and other issues, the movie didn’t get released at that time. The romantic entertainer has managed to entertain the tamil audience.  Let’s check out how this movie is doing at the telugu cinema box office.

Gautam (Jiiva) grows up as a misogynist owing to his mother desolate him when he was kid.  His father ( Nassar) is a painter who also hates women. Gautam leads a happy life with two of his best friends. Sree ( Vinay) and Baby ( Santhanam). He thrust misogyny on his best friends aswell. The Three best buddies who run an Ad agency, make a pact that they will remain bachelors forever. In the meantime, Priya ( Trisha ) enter into their lives as their business partner. There is a sudden change in their lives as priya enter into their business. Gautam deserts his friends and goes to europe along with priya. The couple fall in love with each other. But in no time they get separated. Why they get separated? Will they reunite? and What will happen to gautam and his friends? Forms the crux of the story.

Ahmed has designed his characters very well. Chirunavvula chirujallu deals with the friendship, Love and Bondage between father and son. The whoke film goes on breezy ambience.Editing is Okay. Madhie’s camera work is top notch. Infact, one of the major plus points for the film. Music scored by Harris Jairaj is passable. Production values are good.

After Rangam success Jiiva have been come up with a few telugu dubbing movies but none of them failed to give relief to the actor. Jiiva did a fabulous job as misogynist. He has emoted all the emotions with ease. It is been a long time since trisha appear on a big screen. She did a good job. Santhanam hss offererd  heartful laughs to the viewers with his comic timming. Vinay Rai did a great job as a best buddy. Despite Andrea Jeremiah appeared in a small role, She made her mark with her skills. Nassar nailed the role. The supporting cast done very well in their respective roles.

A predictable plot and an outdated narrative style killed the feel created by the lead actors performance. However,  Chirunavvula chirujallu is one time watchable. Businesswise, It may get only week to do the business at the boxoffice.


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