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Christopher Nolan interviews Quentin Tarantino Q&A video

Christopher Nolan interviews Quient Tarantino Q&A video.Nolan is fampus for his batman trilogy ,interstellar ,inception while Tarantiono is for pulpfiction,Django unchained,kill bill series.Both are extreme talented directors with freat writing skills and always tried with different technicalogies

1.Tarantino discussed how he handles editing.he loves long sequences instead of quick shots

2.Suspense should work otherwise it will be boring

3.Tarantino said he is not good at blocking-blocking is a technique where you should place your camera with respect to actors.If multiple people in the scene you should find correct places to put your people whom you should focus,how to move the camera with all people in scene,whom you should focus

4 In 1990 there are no zoom lenses so he used crane to move to actors faces.Now there is no necessary of crane technique to zoom in.In contrary to it tollywoos still uses many crane shots so still haven’t technically progressed as much compared to them (After 2010 there is lot of technical stuff by indian directors)

5.Trantino had influence from AMERICAN WESTERN TV shows and he is intersed in Guest stars.We can see lots of huest stars in Tarantio films

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