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Christopher Nolan’s Short film Doodlebug


This is the first short film did by Batman fame Christopher Nolan in his younger days.Film opens with  both man eyes are searching for something and title Doodlebug comes on his face.Film opens with a dark lighning apartment where a man want to kill a bug/insect (his own image)with a shoe.And he kills each bug with a determined focus(by turning off all distractions) by not answering any phone calls,switching off alarams .Each times he kills a bug with his shoe,another bigger size of the bug comes into the room.

For this movie there are so many interpreations.One is that the guy is a insane person and how the mind of an insane person thinks .Film shows insanity is most difficult thing to deal not only for the persons around  him but the person himself it affects most.Another interpreation is that how much you took care by plaaning your life by not falling into any distractions and eliminating problems ,but there always will be bigger problems will come into your life.Karma/destiny is much bigger than what you think,How much you want to controle it ,but it always surprises you.So watch the short film for not only for its strory telling but its brilliant lighening and capivating Background score

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