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Cinematography – is Really film directors need knowledge of cinematography

its not required as many directors hire good cinematographers and convey their vision to DPs.

  1. Example is woodey Allen who is not a technical expert but got basic knowledge to convey his vision.Anyway after some movie experience you will automatically get basic expertise in technical filed .Tree of life director terrance malick just give instructions and cinematographer chivo creates the world nad we can see Tree of life,kinght of cups ,new world are one of great visual films

Some directors like Nolan , James cameron really into all technical details .Director should create a vision in his mind and DP to be bring that into life visually .So if director is good in communicating with his DP then fine otherwise he has to give instructions in technical terms

3.Directors like Sodenbergh is really do themselves the technical details as he himself edited and worked as DP for most of his films

If you are getting good grip on technical details then its ok otherwise don’t force on yourself because it will be confusing. So have afaith on DP and you have to learn how to communicate with Your DP on your ideas in technical terms or without technical terms that doesn’t matter

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