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Colourful end to Bonalu fete in Old City

Amid heavy police bandobast, the two-day Bonalu festival passed off peacefully in Old City on Monday night with the immersion of Goddess Mahankali ‘ghatams’ in Musi river at Nayapul.

Thousands of devotees stood along the Lal Darwaza-Nayapul procession route to watch the glittering and colourful convoy of ghatams. People welcomed the procession from the many stages erected on the route by offering flowers.

The procession was led by the caparisoned elephant, ‘Rajani’, carrying a ‘ghatam’ belonging to the Akkanna Madanna temple of Hari Bowli.

Youngsters danced to the pulsating drum beats with the ever-present ‘potharaju’ taking the centre stage of the festivities.

The decorated ‘ghatams’ of Mahankali temples of Lal Darwaza, Uppuguda, Gowlipura, Alijah Kotla, Murad Mahal, Mir Alam Mandi, Sultan Shahi Jagadamba temple and Bela Muthyalamma temple took part in the impressive procession.

After performing special prayers, they were immersed in the Musi at Nayapul marking the conclusion of the festival.

Police made elaborate security arrangements in view of the Shad-e-Qadar on Monday evening.

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