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Comic special story -Compassion between Ironman , Captain America and batman trilogy

First I am not a DC or Marvel fan. I will start with iron man trilogy.


best origin movie ever . Movie is very sharp ,CGI is great and we got fantastic Robert downey JR in iron man role.Not only it is complete turning point for RDJ but it is the first success to Marvel and if iron man is not there marvel universe is not there

Iron man 2

A disappointment movie.After high expectations of the trailer I though movie will be more awesome than first one.Movie got bad dialogue first half of the movie is slow.Climax is entertaining but there is no point in that.A low movie in total marvel universe. Great actors are wasted in poorly written villain characters

Iron man 3

After a disappointment of 2nd movie 3rd movie got great curiosity after Avengers success. Fairly decent movie frankly speaking movie delivered what it promises ,it | tried with dark iron man characterization and it is fairly worked on screen. As usual villains sucked and Mandrin charterer is complete disappointment .The kid is occasionally annoying. Petter pots climax fight is too over top. The best thing about the movie is we got to see Tony stark more time than Iron man .We got more Tony strak means we got Robert downey JR screen time and every marvel fan will enjoy this movie

Nolan batman trilogy

batman begins is a game changing movie for comics for its realistic setup for an origin movie ,at that time there are no comic movies in 2000s .Nolan introduced comic era again and bale did a fantastic job

Dark knight

Dark knight is one of best super hero movie not only in terms of performances ,technical brilliance but in terms of exploring characters psychology.We got one of best villain performance in history of movies

Dark knight rises

3rd film dark knight rises is not exactly a letdown as critics labeling it but it is a one of the weakest in trilogy .Some scenes are brilliant and some scenes are too cliche to ignore but it has a great ending and perfect conclusion for batman series.Only weak point is action scenes as like other Nolan movies although the fight scene between bane and bat man is filmed brilliant .but dialogues are absolute delight to here and you can find brilliant dialogues from Nolans trilogy

If any super hero franchise can be compared with Nolan trilogy then the option is Captain America trilogy

First captain america

film is just ok ,it got a good introduction to the character but it is slow screenplay

Winter Soldier movie

Winter solider is one of best Marvel films out there and action scenes are brillisant it has one of best action scenes like Die hard meets Jason bourne .With a racy screenplay excellently executed action scenes must watch movie for a a marvel fan

Civil war

is like Avengers2.5 and definitely one of the best final film for any seriesalthough the story feels left unfinished because we have to wait till infinity wars

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