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Congress dumping KCR and TRS ?

Recent maneuvers of the Congress high command to n attract the T JAC chairman Prof Kodandaram has made it amply clear that Congress is no more interested in TRS and KCR .

Now that it aimed to resolve the Telangana tangle and appointed Dig vijay Singh, the architect of Chattisgarh creation is no more in the picture.Why is KCR not getting any signals now from Delhi? Taunted a congress leader adding that Congress will not deal with power brokers of TRS anymore. Instead it will directly take the people engaged in agitations into confidence, like the T JAC chairman.

Ahead of his Hyderabad meet with both Seemandhra and Telagnana lobbies, Digvijay Singh met Kodandaram through D Srinivas at Lakeview guest house and is also assured him of arranging a meet with Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Now it has to be seen how the TRS will react and try to continue its hold on the T JAC. KCR had once said that Kodandaram was his creation .Will T JAC chief continue as a ‘puppet ‘ of TRS is the big question ?.

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