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Congress plans Telangana resolution in Assembly ?

AICC’s state party affairs incharge Digvijay Singh made a sensational announcement that a decision on the tricky Telangana issue was likely within a week.

Addressing PCC office bearers at Hyderabad on today, he said the Congress Core Committee would meet within a week and take a decision on Telangana in the meeting.

He told the party leaders to abide by the decision of the High Command.. He explained that the AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi also would participate in the meeting and a well thought of decision would be taken in that meeting. He said the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and the PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana would also be invited to the meeting.

It is noteworthy that Digvijay made this announcement on his own and without any mention of the Telangana issue by any of the office bearers.

Congress High Command appears to be moving very cautiously on the sensitive Telangana issue, so that its own electoral prospects in either of the regions would not be affected.A series of proposals have been doing the rounds. First it was the massive package, then the creation of Rayala Telangana and now conceding Telangana.

These proposals have been in circulation in the media. No one ever knew how these have come into circulation. Now it is being felt that they were deliberately leaked by the Congress High Command itself.

The general practice in Congress or any other major party is to leak a proposal when the leadership wants to gauge public and political reaction. Generally media men gather outside the venues of important meetings like the Congress core committee meetings. When the leadership wants anything to be circulated, it would make one or two top leaders take the media into confidence and state something “off the record”.

As leaders tell the media that the matter was off the record, media men write the news without quoting the person who told them the news, but saying “according to informed sources” or “according to highly placed sources”.

This is the way news is generally leaked. Media persons think that they were favoured by the political leader who took them aside and told something exclusively. Different leaders take different media persons aside like this and deliberately leak a news, which the party wants to leak. This is how the news spreads. This is how the three proposals – package, Rayala Telangana and now Telangana – came into media circulation.

Congress High Command patiently watched the reaction. There was overwhelming opposition to the package and Rayala Telangana proposals. Telangana leaders including those belonging to the Congress stoutly said nothing short of a Telangana state with Hyderabad as the capital and the ‘T’ districts was acceptable to them.

Now the fresh news emanating from Delhi is that the leadership would try a Telangana resolution in the Assembly. So far the Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy has been stoutly opposing the passing of resolution in the Assembly. TRS stalled the just concluded Assembly session on the single issue. It is learnt that the Congress High Command has now decided to allow the resolution to be introduced in the house and watch whether it would be passed.

Majority of the members in the House are from the Seemandhra region. If all of them oppose, the resolution would be lost. However, TDP has already said it was for creation of Telangana. YSR Congress also said it was not against Telangana. By moving a resolution on Telangana, Congress wants to put these two parties on the spot. They have to take a decision to support or oppose the resolution. If they oppose the resolution, Congress could brand them as anti-Telangana and oust them from the Telangana region and emerge as the champion of Telangana cause. If in case the resolution is lost, then Congress could safely say that there was no consensus on the matter and delay decision for some more time.

Congress won 33 lok sabha seats in the 2009 elections. The AP contingent also contributed to UPA being able to form government at the centre. AP is an important state and Congress would not like to lose it. The party is expected to use tact in handling the Telangana issue so that it would succeed in defaming the TDP, TRS and the YSR Congress in the process.

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