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Current theega

Cast : Manchu Manoj, Jagapathi Babu, Rakul Preet Singh,  Sunny Leone, Vennela Kishore and Others.

Directed by : Nageshwar Reddy

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action Comedy.

Release Date : 31st October 2014.

Rating : 2.75/5.

Music : Achu Rajamani.

Bottom Line : High voltage performance by the Protagonist.

Plot : Raju ( Manchu Manoj ) is a happy go lucky guy in parvati puram village. He tries to woo a high school teacher, Sunny (Sunny Leone) with the help of kavita ( Rakul Preet Singh ) but Kavitha who is the daughter of village head, Shiva rama raju ( Jagapathi babu ) falls in love with raju. After sunny lefts from raju’s life. Raju falls in love with kavitha.Shiva rama raju comes to know about his daughter love and tries to oppose their love because of some bet. What is that bet? How raju will convince shiva rama raju to win his love? Are main parts of the story.

G Nageshwar Reddy has choosen tamil film script to team up with manchu manoj. He is well known for his comedy films. Even this time he has provided alot of entertainment with current theega. The narrative style is quite banal but the comedy element saves the film. Editing is okay, there is a bit lag in second half. Cinematography is alright. Music scored by achu is good. Production values are nice.

It is a cake walk role for manchu manoj who is known for his chirpy behaviour on off screen. He carries the film on his shoulders from beginning to the end. Jagapathi babu did a fabulous job. Rakul preet singh sizzles the screen, This time she has got much chance to emote and proved her mettle. Sunny leone’s character is very minimal, she did it well. Vennela kishore and thagubothu ramesh have supported very well in comic scenes.Rest of the cast are okay.

Manchu manoj ‘s high voltage performance saves the film. Go and watch it.

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