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D for Dopidi

Cast : Sundeep Kishan, Varun sandesh, Naveen, Rakesh, Melanie, Tanikella Bharani and Others.

Directed by : Siraj Kalla

Language : Telugu

Genre : Comedy

Release date : 25th dec 2013

Rating : 3/5

Music : Mahesh Shankar

Bottom line : Money defines the character.

Plot : Subba raju (Sundeep), Vicky (Varun), Naveen (Harish) and Banny (Rakesh) are four friends. Subbaraju is an aspiring actor comes to city to try his hand at movies, but destiny made him as a junior artist. He approached a new director but the directors tell him that he has to get 10 lakhs inorder to get the lead role in a film.Vicky has lot of girlfriends. he gives gifts to his girlfriends by swiping his credit card. his credit card due balance piled upto 12 lakhs. Harish is an honest person, he loves his cousin, when he approached his uncle for consent for his marriage with his cousin priya. his uncle tells him that earn 10 lakhs in one year. Banny is a fatso, he loves his next door girl. he thinks that he can win her love only if he get six pack, he need 3 lakhs for liposuction. one day they see the news about bank robbery. they decide to do rob the bank to getrid of their dire monetarial problems. are they succeed in bank robbery?what happened in these course forms the crux of the story.

Most of the fillm sets in a bank.Debutant Siraj kalla has written and directed this film, he has succeed in pulling out the apt emotions from his actors. He has done a commendable job. screenplay is gripping. Go goa gone fame raj, krishna DK and actor nani produced this film. Editing is just alright. back ground score sumps the scenes. Comedy is the postive thing for this film. cinematography is okay. Production values are not bad.

All the lead cast have done a brilliant job. they have done justice to their respective roles. Debutante Melanie has got minimal role she hasn’t get much screen to share with her co stars.Thanikella bharani tickels the funny bone. he is good in his role. The whole cast have supported very well.

However, this film is watchable on this weekend. you will love it if you like comedy movies.

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