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Dalam Movie Release Date !!

Naveen Chandra, Kishore and Piaa Bajpaai starrer Dalam is at long last intending up for release in the 3rd week of July. The movie release has been postponed for some months as of recently and now, the creators are enthused about releasing the film in this month itself. Jeevan Reddy, a previous protege of RGV, is making his introduction as a creator and M Sumanth Kumar Reddy has making it.

Discussing the film, Jeevan Reddy said, “The story is enlivened from a few genuine incidents and its something like an aggregation of ex-naxalites who battle to combine with the social order. The film additionally represents numerous inquiries to individuals, government and political guides.” Nathalia Kaur will be seen in a item girl. James Vasanthan has scored the music.

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