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Dark knight bank robbery scene analysis

Dark knight is my first batman movie and I didn’t read any comics.i got idea on only batman charecter so I went to this movie assuming another comic book with for children

The first shot itself I am drawn into the movie with great Hnaszimmer soundtrack

we wil see first entrance of Joker with his mask

Ther scene is brilliant although you will get most of the conversations when you are watching the scene again.the robbers talking about joker assuming he is not there with them .just brilliant scene

Assigning a job to kill another robber after he finishes his work is brilliant

when another robber confronts joker by saying he knows his plan and joker replies the bus driver will kill…

and he says what bus driver and a bus hits him…brilliant usage of dialogues

the scene establishes the intilligence ,ruthlessness and planning of joker brilliantly

the joker reveal- you can see how much intensity heath ledger brought to his charecter.One of finest villain performance ever

finally with all buses joker leaving the robbery scene

at this point itself I thought this movie is not just a comic book movie but a crime thriller which will be classic

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