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Cast : Aditya Roy Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Anupam kher, Karan wahi and Others.

Directed by : Habib Faisal.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Romance drama

Release date : 19th September 2014.

Rating : 3/5.

Music : Saijid wajid.

Bottom line : Go and enjoy this Dawaat.

Plot : Gulreez Qadir ( Parineeti chopra ) is a sales girl in Hyderabad. She wants to study shoe designing in US But her high court clerk father, Abdul qadir ( Anupam kher ) does not have the enough money to fund her dream.Abdul searches for a groom for gulreez but most of them demand a huge dowry. In the mean time she falls in love with amjad (Karan wahi ) who plans to study MBA in US. But even this time dowry plays a spoilsport.Gulreez learns about IPC 498A and wants to take the advantage of law. She randomly goes to lucknow with her father, There she bumps into Tariq Haider ( Aditya Roy kapoor ) who owns the popular restaurant. Gulreez wants to deceive tariq by marrying him. Will Gulreez succeed at deceiving tariq? Is rest of the story.

Habib faisal has written a good story which is laced up with comedy and social message. He takes the social issue and executed it very well. we have witnessed the misusage of 498A and dowry deaths in recent times. he take that point and presented on the screen superbly. Habib’ s narrative is impressive. He showcases us the cultures and cuisines of two cities in the same manner. Editing is extremely fine. Every frame is so good, Cinematographer has done a nice job. Production values by YRF are great.

Aditya roy kapoor has done a great job as tariq haider. His performance is a treat to watch. Parineeti has got much screen space than the male lead actor. She performed verywell and nailed the hyderabadi accent too. Anupam kher chuckles the viewers with his humor. Debutant Karan wahi did a great job in a limited role. The supporting cast are okay in their respective roles.

Dawaat e ishq has offered some sumptuous food for the viewers. Go and enjoy this dawaat..

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