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Dear zindagi quick review and thoyghts

Mental health is the most serious issue should be taken in today lives but many of us ignore it and not to mention the society taboo towards psychologists and people who seek help from them

The film theme is itself about a depressed individual taking help of a psychologist and how she rediscovers herself with the counselling. Many life quotes,underlying messages and life lesson s are there in the movie. So what the movie with out expectations like watching an entertainment movie then you can enjoy this

life is full of struggles and most of our life at some point of time we will breakdown and submit to life difficulties.We has to find the solution to our problems and only we can find the solution is when we understand that we are not ok at this point of life then the transformation begins.We can’t carry our emotional baggage all time some times we have to share it with person who can understands it

The movie is worth your time and if you are not happy in your life give it a chance to this movie. it may not change your life but it may give you a thought how your life is and what you can do to change it

Not only movie discussed on mental health but it got many issues covered like parenting,comparisons with siblings ,pre conceptions about some professions like arts etc


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