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Decaprio birthday special- Top 10 movies of leonardo decaprio

Leonardo decaprio is the name that don’t need any introduction for current generation.His acting caliber,dedication and choosing scripts made him to another level in today stars.Every movie of Decaprio is good and even his bad movies are watchable for his performance.I am only giving 10 movies for convince because each of movie is good on its own


I am giving this movie as No1 because after long struggle he won an Oscar .Definitely Leo performance is so great and you will completely immerse in this movie.He ate raw liver ,slept in horse inner body,completly changed his look with beard .The cinematography by Chevo using only natural light and shot in difficult climatic conditions itself shows the directors dedication to the art of movies


This movie belongs to mainly Christopher Nolan and Decaprio looked very stylish in the role.Inception is all about the subconsciousness and how it can effect uswithout we knowing it.The gravity lift fight sequence itself is a cinematic achievement.His performance with Marion collitord in balcony scene is so subtle and emotional at same time

3.Wolf of Wall street

Where to start about this movie.Such a long movie but it has a racy screenplay that you feel the movie is very short.Every scene of Leo is so great and he did a complete comedy role with some seriousness in his first time in career.The scene of drug overdose is an acting lesson for anyone.Another scene where he fights with his wife is also emotional.The best scene in whole movie is the speech with his employees.The movie is really inspirational ,funny and cautionary tale that excess is a very bad thing

4.The Aviator

Leo plays the real life character of Howard hughes.He is in various getup through out the movie.The eccentricity he brought to the character is awesome. Martin sorcese is again proved what a great drama director he is

5.Django Unchained

The poster itself shows the attitude of the character. The intensity in his eyes,the cigar and holding the hammer everything is in detail done by Decaprio .He acted villain in this movie and his performance gave us chils.The skull breaking scene in this movie so good actually on shoot Leo accidentally cut his hand but he performed with out interruption because he doesn’t want to miss the flow.Such a dedicated actor is very rare in current generation of stars

6.Blood diamond

Movie reflects the corporate deceit in those areas and how they smuggling diamonds for their greed.Movie is a wake up point that who is good and who is bad.A person highly educated ,running a great diamond company and wears suit is a bad person and in contrary Solmon an African worker who is looking for his boy is a good person.The message is so string and reflects to current world.The best scene in the movie is the end where Leo calls and tells that he gonna die

7.Shutter Island

One of the underrated movie .Movie is a great thriller that you will be on edge of your seat .The productions sets are believable and Leo did an awesome job of a mysterious look on his face , the ending is the best scene which explains whole movie


If you are cop or a criminal when you are facing a loaded fun then whats the difference – The quote itself shows the movie theme and Sorcece did great job in handling these many stars .The ending lift shootout is so shocking thet your jaw will be dropped to the sudden event.Not only this scene is intriguing but brave in story telling.The starting intro soundtrack shipping to boston is catchy

9.Catch me If you can

The credits itself so innovative and colorful which will give you an idea of how this film will be.Two finest actors Tom hanks and Leo acts as a cop and and cheater and their confrontation is the theme of the movie.This quote eplains the theme of the movie of a con man

10.J Edgar movie

The movie has definitely many flaws but he played the character perfectly.The stress,the power and the ambition of the character Edgar who was a powerful man of American FBI portrayed by Leo is one of the best in this overlooked movie by audience

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