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Dev Katta’s Dying to be me Short film is excellent

Whats it about ?

There is  no storyline but it is a fact based on working women are becoming house wives and they are losing their freedom of speech by over controlling husbands.It is a 3 min short film but Deve kata narrated it in a hard hitting way.

Whats good?

This short film should be wake up call for men who thinks their wives only do house hold works and no need to do jobs.He narrated concept with nice editing and the statistics shown at the end definitely not a good sign for India.The title itself says what he is going to narrate in the film .its about own individual freedom in a good way.

Final Verdict

This is not a shortfilm it is a fact shown in a good way.Nice effort by Dev kata about the women freedom in a good way(Not like the overhyped Deepika’s Mychoice)

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