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Dharam Sankat Mein Movie Review

Rating : 3/5.

Cast : Paresh Rawal, Naseeruddin Shah, Anu kapoor, Murali sharma and Others.

Directed by : Fuwad Khan.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Drama, Comedy.

Release Date : 10th April 2015.

Music : Sachin Gupta.

Bottom Line : Follow the humanism. Rest of the religions are just labels.

There are some points needs to be raised again and again. Religion is one if them. Our lead actor Paresh Rawal featured Oh my God highlighted a few issues happening in the name religion. The makers of Oh my god come up again with a thought provoking movie based on British film ‘Infidel’.

A Brahmin Dharam Pal (Paresh Rawal) leads a happy life with his family. He naturally despises his muslim neighbour, Muhammad Ali (Annu Kapoor). One fine day, Dharam discovers long-hidden truth about himself. Abruptly, He embraces his muslim neighbour?. What is that truth? How will he deal with that? How will it impact on his family? And why he suddenly embrace his muslim neighbour forms the crux of the story.

Religion is a sensitive topic in our country. Not many actors and film makers dare to do make satirical films on god-men, But Umesh shukla did it with Oh my god and now his protege Fuwad khan came up with pretty same line ‘ Religions are just labels, Believe in your work and humanism’. The director has even highlighted a few same issues like muslims are being targeted for every terrorist activities.Here Fuwad offered few laughs with witty dialogues. In the latter half, His narrative flats down. Sachin gupta has provided apt background music. Visuals are good there is no much to say about Cameraman’s work.

Versatile actor paresh rawal performance raised the bar of his acting prowess. His dialogue delivery and comic timing is a treat to watch. Naseeruddin Shah played as a godman it is a calk walk role for any senior actor. Along with lead actor Paresh rawal, Annu kapoor tickles the funny bone of the viewers. Murali sharma’s role is poorly written but he is still good in that character. Rest of the cast have justified their roles respectively.

However, Dharam sankat mein has highlighted that religion is a label, we have to believe in work and humanism. Though it is a repetitive subject in recent times, The seniors actors have carried the movie on their shoulders. Climax part is pretty unconvincing. I wil go with three out of five stars.

Reviewed by shrinu Nakka.

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