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Dil Dhadkeno Do review -Anil and Ranavir shines in this urban family drama

Rating : 3/5

Cast :Anil kapoor,Ranavir,Priyanka,Anushka Sharma,Farhan and  Others.

Director : Joya Akhtar.

Language : Hindi

Genre : Drama Comedy.

Bottom Line :Anil and Ranavir shines in this urban family drama.

Coming to the story Mehras as they embark upon a 10-day Bosphorus cruise, organised by industrialist patriarch Kamal (Anil Kapoor) to celebrate three decades of marriage to the meekly loyal Neelam (Shefali Shetty). The voyage is intended to foster a spirit of togetherness amid mounting business tensions – friends and family are all aboard.Parental pressure has already been applied to daughter Ayesha (Priyanka Chopra), yet to conceive with her dour businessman hubby, but she’s keeping a secret: keener to pursue a career than raise a child, she’s been on the pill for several months. As for heir apparent Kabir (Ranveer Singh), a commercially beneficial union has been arranged with another clan’s daughter, but his eyes have alighted upon Farah (Anushka Sharma), a cabaret dancer.

Whats good ?

Joya Akthat touches many subjects like career choices,parental pressures,martial problems.She did good direction in emotional scenes as her before film Zindagi na milega dobara.Dialogues by Farhan are good Naarative is good done by aamir khan.Anil kapoot shines in role where as ranavir did good comic relif.Priyanaka,Farhan  are good while  is adequate .cinematography and visual shots are nice

Whats bad ?

Songs are average  and pacing of the movie is very slowly,they should have cut down of 15 min from the movie.Anushka’s Ranavir love story in not having good moments and as usual like her previous roles  anushka did a job of care free cute girl and some times she is very irritating

Overall movie is an urban family drama that touches many issues which can be related to the current  youth.If you can handle a slow pace and already loved zindagi na milega dobara  then you can give a try

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