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Director Dasarath about tollywood,his collegues and films Video

1.Talked about trivikram and his friendship

2.Trivikram used to be a shy person and now also he has a small circle of frinds

3.Dasarath talked about Vinayak’s story sense and comic ability

4.On shoot of Jalsa Dasarath approached trivikram for a doubt and trivikram is on full tension running around the set and dasrath came back without disturbing

5.Dasarath is fan of action thrillers

6.Shourya story is good and he is hoping movi will be a hit

7.Producers are not able to take risks on this current scenario ,so they are playing safe

8.Now heroes are listening 100s of stories before accepting the project as shooting and release of a film is taking more than a year

9.Tlked about Nagarjuna santhosham movie

10.Tlked about his different jobs on struggling in film industry

Video source -idream film nagar

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