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Director Shankar films analysis

Director Shankar is the name who don’t need any introduction in  South Film Industry .Shankar cinemas always deals with social elements like caste,Money,corruption etc.He always concentrates on Special effects and fight sequences in his movies.Above all of this one thing he obsessed with double roles and characters.Either his movies have more than one role or his characters will have different shades in his characterizations.Normally in other films double roles means they show only differences in their slang and hair styles.But Shankar deals more than that.He designs his double roles with clear cut characterizations.characterizations. Always  1st character cant achieve his dream or goal but second character achieves it.

In Gentle Man film Hero plays a small time business man(1st character) appears little bit soft but actually he is a thief who steals money and will spent that money on education for students.First character is not the backbone of the film but thief (2nd character)who steals and uses money  Due to the 2nd character dream achieved in the film.

g2 - Director Shankar Films Analysis

In Oke Okkadu(Mudhalavan)film hero is a journalist (who is shy) who wants to fight corruption but he will never get that chance.But after a dynamic interview he will get a chance to become chief minister for one day.Here the second character comes into the picture who is brave and fights for common mans problems.Dreams achieved by 2nd character.

o1 - Director Shankar Films Analysis

In jeans film 1st role is very shy who cant express his love where as 2nd character is very active.

In Bharateeyudu film son is a corrupt officer and father is a social activist First character is emotional ,confused and a little bit of timid personality .Father is a revolutionary leader who fought againist Britishers for freedom and in present time he fights with corrupt officers.Son is one of the the backbone of the film where as father 3rd role in the film achieves corruption free India.

b2 - Director Shankar Films Analysis

In Aparichitudu film 3 roles are there.1st role is Ramu who cant fight evil and who cant win a girls love.Second charecter can win girls love but cant fight society 3rd role will fulfill dream of the character by killing people who is doing social irresponsible mistakes.

a3 - Director Shankar Films Analysis
a1 - Director Shankar Films Analysis

In Shivaji film also 3 roles are there.1st role is an indian return NRI who wants to establish industries but cant realize his dreams due to political demands like corruption.After losing everything 2nd character comes into the picture.This character is aggressive and straight forward who will  go against corruption and almost realize characters dreams but cant.3rd role is the one who realizes the dreams by establishing industries and fighting the villain.

s2 - Director Shankar Films Analysis
s3 - Director Shankar Films Analysis

In Robo film 1st character is a scientist.He creates a character chitti who wants to experience love but he cant realize the dream.But next charecter chitti2.0 evil version of the robot who almost took  heroine in his custody.In this film we can clearly see the obsession of shankars on multiple roles.Last 50 minutes of the film will have almost 50 robots fighting .

r1 - Director Shankar Films Analysis
r5 - Director Shankar Films Analysis

In recent film I also having 3 charecters.1 role is a body builder who will idealize a model but even cant speak to her properly. So here second charecter of the film comes into the picture.He is a model and gets the love and almost marries the girl but cant.Now 3rd role hunchback  comes into the picture who actually fights all villains and lives with the girl at last

i1 - Director Shankar Films Analysis
i3 - Director Shankar Films Analysis


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