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Dochay Review: Conceptionally Intriguing, But Flawed.

“Dochay” is an action comedy thriller. Sudheer Varma, fame “Swamy Ra Ra”, has written the story for the film and also directed it.

Bottom- Line: Dochay is a rare gem of a film that mixes dark comedy with extreme social significance. The cast is an excellent eclectic mix of the serious and surreal, a bit like the film really.It has some really funny moments and some very sexy ones. This movie is Moderate and flat You probably can’t really blame any of the actors, although they were all bad.Most of them have done fantastic work elsewhere,so you’ve got to figure they were just giving the director what he wanted. It was a nice ,funny climax and interesting film, for they how have an eagle eye and a little humor.

Dochay Review: Conceptionally Intriguing, But Flawed.

Plot:The Plot is about chandu (Chai) who takes care his sister’s education for that he became thief and unfortunately he will face Manikyam (Posani) they both have an history.His love is meera & how they both tackle that situation is the rest of story.

Minus: Simple story, Flat ,Predictive , Average Music And no surprises.

Plus: Chai attracted a lot,Kriti is better,Posani steals the show,Direction is good but his story is weak,Cinematography is brilliant & Production values were rich.

Rating : 3/5

Reviewed By:Vinay..

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