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Drug usage In India special article

Drug Usage In India Special Article

It is became a fashion now a days to take drugs especially it is coming from directly Hollywood movies.Most of Hollywood movies representing them as cool in teen movies

Government should take strict action towards these outlets but it won’t happen .This is very delicate age and students shouldn’t indulge in these type of things

Now coming to LSD ,mushrooms type drugs and marijuana are having benefits but it should be taken under medical supervision. In some state of USA medical marijuana is legal under doctor supervision for some deceases .Still there are many experiments going on LSD .In 1970s LSD is a big trend in USA and everybody knows what happened to USA .Drug culture rapidly increased significantly and USA still fighting against it .Indian govt should take immediate action among this problem or we will loose strength of youth .

LSD is not addictive drug like cocain,heroine,opium etc but its a mind altering drug which can leave your brain completely fried up …It actually can show the deepest fears of your mind but only few can handle those type of mind changing things and in other cases it can leave a scar on your emotion .Youth is particularly attracted to it by watching youtube videos

Already punjab became one of the highest usage in drugs so hope Indian govt will take necessary changes to stop these

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