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Ee Varsham sakshiga

Cast : Varun sandesh, Hari priya, Jeeva, Venu, Dhanraj and Others.

Directed by : Ramana Mogili.

Language : Telugu.

Release Date : 13th December 2014.

Rating : 2/5.

Music : Anil Gopi Reddy.

Bottom Line : Predictable plot is laced up with outdated twists.

Plot : Jai ( Varun Sandesh ) gets cheated by modern girls owing to his innocence. One day he bumps into Mahalaxmi (Hari Priya ) on a train. Jai falls in love with Mahalaxmi in that journey. After lands in hometown, Jai wants to express his love to Mahalaxmi so he decides to pay a visit to his dream girl hometown, There he comes to know that mahalaxmi elopes with someone? What is the reaction of jai? Will Jai find mahalaxmi? Forms the crux of the story.

Director,Ramana mogili has completely failed at screenplay department. Even the script is also outdated.The first half has offered ample laughs but the latter half is quite tedious. The chemistry between lead actors is good.Dialogues are decent. Editor should have chopped off a few unnecessary scenes in second half. Music by anil gopal reddy is okay. Production values are good.

Varun sandesh has been struggling to regain his form but his decision making regarding subject wise made him to bag flops in his kitty. Performance wise he did a fair job. Hari Priya who made her debut with thakita thakita has done a great job. Comedians Venu, Dhanraja and Others have done a nice job.

Varun sandesh need a big hit to regain his previous stardom. He has to choose right subjects other wise it gonna have a tough time in the telugu cinema industry. However, Ee Varsham sakshiga is an outdated movie laced up with o
Predictable twists and turns. Better to skip it.

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