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Ek Villain Movie Review

Cast : Siddhartha Malhotra, Shraddha Kapoor, Ritesh Deshmukh, Amna Sharif, Shaad Randhwa and others.

Directed by : Mohit Suri.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Thriller.

Release Date : 27th june 2014.

Rating : 3.5/5

Music : Ankit Tiwari and Sochu.

Bottom Line : Somewhere in life, You have to pay price for your Misdeeds.

Plot : Guru’s (Siddhartha Malhotra) parents gets killed by local goons in his childhood. He wants to take revenge on those goons by killing them. A Few years later, A Gangster called Caeser, gives the opportunity to guru to kill those goons. In a return favour, Guru does so many nefarious activities for Caesar. He comes across a jovial girl called Aisha ( Shraddha Kapooor) who is on the verge to loose her life. She inscribes her last wishes in a dairy. Aisha asks the favour of guru to fulfill them. During this course they fall for each other in no time. Their love brings a change in guru’s life, that makes him to quit all the nefarious activities. He marrys aisha, she wins back her life. While they living happily, A wicked man ( Ritesh Deshmukh) kills aisha. Who is that killer? Why he kills aisha? Will guru take revenge on the criminal for killing aisha? Forms the crux of the story.

After a blockbuster with Ashiqui2, Mohit Suri has teamed up with balaji motion pictures. He has written a riveting story which is completely a revenge drama. The main theme of the movie is ‘Somewhere in your life, You have to pay price for your misdeeds’. Riveting screenplay makes me to can’t take my eyes off screen. Editing is pretty okay, Few dragging scenes are there, but it’s worth to watch. Cinematography is nice. Three musicians have scored music, it is catchy. Particularly background music is nice. Production values are good.

Siddhartha malhotra has already shown his acting prowess with student of the year and Hasee toh phase. This time he enacted a different role and did a great job. Shraddha kapoor played a jovial girl role,She did justice to her character. Ritesh Deshmukh has done a fair job, In certain scenes he looked like a demon. Amna sharif is good in her role as a livid wife. Shaad randhwa has limited role, he is okay. Supporting cast has done a pretty job.

Mohit suri is at his best in elevating the negative roles in his films, he does the same job again. Go and watch this thriller.

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