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Excellent article on questions a writer should ask himself

Source – cinemababu

First ask yourself these questions

1.What is the feedback you got for your script?

2. is your script is minimum 90 pages?

3.How many revisions you made to the script?

4.Did your script is having individual character descriptions,treatment,sequnces?

5.Did your action scenes are having storyboards?

6.Is script divided to sequences ?

7.Are dialogues are relatble yo the scene?

8.Are charecters are behaving with in their limits or overdoing ?

9.Is your script is film able  or any scenes are not having resources to translate to a visual medium?

10.Final is are you satisfied with the version if not then again do the above 9 points

If yes then you can forward your treatment or script to reputed film productions houses.Every production houses are having online websites but best way is getting a contact and narrating story yourself.

If you want to direct yourself then hire good cinematographer ,actors from theatre groups,filmschools,friends and make a movie on low budget.

For making indie films one of best book is reel to deal by Dov S simens and follow his instructions

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