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Exhibitors making money with Yevadu and Attarintiki Daredi Release

Producer BVSN Prasad offered Atharintiki Daaredi distribution rights of all areas at bumper profitable prices due to excellent pre release positive talk. He is in table profits and shares are also anticipated from key areas. Those exhibitors worried of Yevadu release on July 31st in a time gap of just seven days with Atharintiki Daaredi are acquiring additional theatres to cash the power star mania. Producer Dil Raju releasing Yevadu in many areas on own is also wrestling for theatres from July 31st to August 6th.

An insider released that, Pawan Kalyan casually intimated BVSN Prasad and other distributors not to reserve the screens one week by early giving a tough time for Yevadu. Indeed, Pawan was beneficent to permit most selection of screens possibly available for Ram Charan movie without shedding its opening collections. Even some second level and black marketing exhibitors happily made money by renting the screens at higher prices to Yevadu with an agreement made to vacate the movie on August 6th by replacing with Atharitniki Daaredi.

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