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Exodus Gods and kings Review

Exodus  Gods and kings Movie Review

Cast : Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton,  Aaron Paul, John Turturo, Ben Kinsley, Maria Vulverto and Others.

Directed by : Ridely Scott.

Language : English.

Genre : Action drama.

Release Date : 5th December 2014.

Rating : 3/5.

Music : Alberto Iglesias.

Bottom Line : Not as promising as its trailer.

Plot : Moses (Christian Bale) is the adopted son of pharaoh seti ( John turturo)and works as general of Egyptian army. The pharaoh Ramses II (Joel Edgerton )is the son of seti. Both moses and Ramses are raised like brothers though they are not blood related. After seti’s death Ramses learns that moses is the son of a slave (Hebrews) and sends moses into exile. Nine years later Moses is settled with a wife and a kid. One day God’s representative tell moses to liberate his Hebrews from ramses. How will moses liberate hebrews from Ramses is rest of the story.

Ridley Scott is a filmmaker who, at his very best, is able to convey genuine human stories even when dealing with the largest possible canvases.His repertoire, Alien and Gladiator are the epitome of his fine work. This time he adapted the biblical epic and he dealt it sensitively. The movie begins at dull note and ends with the same. Visual effects are top notch. Cinematography is nice. Editing is not alright. Music by Alberto Iglesias is passable. Production values are good.

Christian bale has emoted very well especially in the scenes like conversation with god representative.he nailed the role. Joel edgerton didn’t look a wicked man still his demeanour is great.The top cast like ben Kinsley and john turturo are confined to limited screen space. Rest of the cast have done a good job.

In the end, Exodus Gods and Kings is a stunning epic that lacks the power. watch this at your own interest.

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