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Express Raja Movie Review: Hilarious Ride

Express Raja Movie Review: Hilarious Ride

Cast: Sharvanand, Surabhi, Prabhas Srinu, Saptagiri and Others
Directed by: Merlapaka Gandhi
Written by: Merlapaka Gandhi
Produced by: Vamsi, Pramod
Banner: UV Creations
Music by: Praveen
After Run Raja Run and Malli Malli Idi Rani Raju, Express Raja is expected to be the hat trick film for Sharwanand and U V Creations, who are known for their good taste in choosing scripts, are looking forward to score a hit.

Express Raja is a story of a Raja(Sharvanand) who enjoyed the life without any work in Vizag with his uncle(Prabhas Srinu). In an unexpected scene, he falls in love a beautiful girl Ammu aka Amulya(Surabhi) but with his behavior hated by her and also got a problem. Raja is chased by few rowdies as he snatches a dog for the sake of his love. Finally, how he get success in his love and how faced all issues is the remaining story.
  • Sharwanand was handsome and cool at looks.
  • The way of taking a story by the director is awesome.
  • Comedy by Saptagiri, Prabhas Sreenu
  • Production values are good.
  • Music and BGM by Praveen is good and appealing.
  • Heroine Surabhi was chubby and beautiful.
  • No proper love track between the lead stars.
  • A few loopholes in the story plot.

Bottom line:

Express Raja is a thorough entertainer with loads of laughter right from the word go. The comic timing of the actors and their performance is the major highlight of the film. Director¬† Merlapaka Gandhi’s different narrative style that offers variety. A dog, a diamond and a runaway bride along with a truckload of comedy characters helps Express Raja work for the most part. Express Raja has the power to stand against the Pongal biggies. If you want to have a really good laugh with some hilarious punches, then go watch Express Raja.

CB Rating: 3/5


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