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Extra Talents of Star Heroes !!

Apart from performing hero role in the movies, the star Heoes also worked off screen with their extra talents.

Mahesh babu

For Jalsa and Baadshah movies, Mahesh gave Voice-over as Narrator and impressed the audience with his variations in tone.

Pawan Kalyan

In Badri Pawan kalyan Choreographed 3 songs and action sequences.
In Kushi Choreography for 1st song and action sequences
For Johnny movie, Pawan Kalyan handled story, screenplay, direction and choreographed all the songs
For Shankar Dada MBBS movie he did a Cameo role
For Gudumba Shankar movie the Screenplay and choreography for all the songs and action sequences done by Pawan
For Annavaram movie he Choreographed 1 song
For Shankardada Zindabad movie he performed a Cameo role


For Chintakayala Ravi movie NTR appeared in a Special appearance
For Rama Rama Krishna Krishna movie NTR gave Voice over

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